Research agenda physical therapy

This report contains the results of the inventarisation and prioritization of relevant research questions for the physiotherapeutic research domain. Answering these questions leads to knowledge. Knowledge that is relevant to the physical therapist's daily activities and that benefits patient care, in short: Valueable Knowledge (i.e. Kennis van Waarde)!

The 'Valueble Knowledge: Physiotherapy Research Agenda' has been drawn up by the Scientific College of Physiotherapy (WCF) on behalf of the board of the Royal Netherlands Society for Physiotherapy (KNGF) and forms the guideline for future research calls of the WCF / KNGF.

To position the domain of physiotherapy in an unambiguous and sustainable way, a good scientific basis for the actions of physiotherapists is essential. Developing a widely supported research agenda supports this goal. 

The objectives of the research agenda are:
1. Stimulating and initiating scientific research relevant to the patient that leads to a better foundation and higher quality of physiotherapeutic treatment (within an interprofessional context).
2. Promoting collaboration within physiotherapeutic research.